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Development and Panchayat Officers

Name Designation Email Landline No
Secretary Zila ParishadSecretary Zila Parishad01612449278
District Development and Panchyat OfficerDistrict Development and Panchyat Officerddpoludhiana[at]yahoo[dot]com01612429578
BDPO SudharBDPO Sudharbdposudhar[at]gmail[dot]com01624275214
BDPO Sidhwan BetBDPO Sidhwan Betbdposbet[at]gmail[dot]com01624240223
BDPO SamralaBDPO Samralabdposamrala13[at]gmail[dot]com01628262216
BDPO RaikotBDPO Raikotblock_raikot[at]yahoo[dot]com01624267439
BDPO PakhowalBDPO Pakhowalbdpopakhowal[at]yahoo[dot]com01612866070
BDPO MachhiwaraBDPO Machhiwara01628250039
BDPO Ludhiana IIBDPO Ludhiana IIbdpoludhiana2[at]gmail[dot]com01612449428
BDPO Ludhiana IBDPO Ludhiana Iludhiana1bdpo[at]yahoo[dot]in01612404838

District Administration

Name Designation Email Landline No
District Revenue Officer LudhianaDistrict Revenue Officer Ludhiana01612433100
Additional Deputy Commissioner(Khanna)Additional Deputy Commissioner(Khanna)01628225715
Additional Deputy Commissioner(Jagraon)Additional Deputy Commissioner(Jagraon)01624228855
Deputy Commissioner LudhianaDeputy Commissioner Ludhiana01612403100
Addl Deputy Commissioner (Gen.)Addl Deputy Commissioner (Gen.)01612400102
Assistant Commissioner GeneralAssistant Commissioner Genral01612400002
CMFO LudhianaCMFO Ludhiana01612400503
Addl Deputy Commissioner (Rural Development)Addl Deputy Commissioner (Rural Development)01612401347
Sub Divisional Magistrate SAMRALASub Divisional Magistrate SAMRALAsdm[dot]samrala[at]gmail[dot]com01628262354
Sub Divisional Magistrate RAIKOTSub Divisional Magistrate RAIKOTraikotsdm[at]gmail[dot]com01624266934

District Level Officers

Name Designation Email Landline No
Youth ServicesYouth Services01612401187
Youth Coordinator RoparYouth Coordinator Ropar01612562287
Suwidha Centre LdhSuwidha Centre Ldh01612431100
SMO Civil HospitalSMO Civil Hospital01612610577
Senior Aerodrome OfficerSenior Aerodrome Officer01612844569
Secretary, Red CrossSecretary, Red Cross01612444923
Secretary, Market Committee LdhSecretary, Market Committee Ldh01612780922
President District Consumer ForumPresident District Consumer Forum01612433277
Passport Office LdhPassport Office Ldh18002581800

Excise and Taxation

Name Designation Email Landline No

Improvement Trust

Name Designation Email Landline No

Judicial Department

Name Designation Email Landline No
SDJM SamralaSDJM Samrala01628262363
SDJM KhannaSDJM Khanna01628227030
SDJM JagraonSDJM Jagraon01624223274
District and Session JudgeDistrict and Session Judge01612411444
Addl District and Session JudgeAddl District and Session Judge01612401411

Municipal Corporation

Name Designation Email Landline No
XEN ElectricalXEN Electrical01612430499
Joint Commissioner, MCJoint Commissioner, MC01612740131

Public Works Department (Building & Roads)

Name Designation Email Landline No
XEN Sidhwan Canal, IrrigationXEN Sidhwan Canal, Irrigation01612520132
XEN Sewrage Board Div IIIXEN Sewrage Board Div III01612409233
XEN Sewrage Board Div IIXEN Sewrage Board Div II01612448104
XEN Sewrage Board DIV IXEN Sewrage Board DIV I01612449285
XEN Rural Works Div IIXEN Rural Works Div II01612449071
XEN Rural Works Div IXEN Rural Works Div I01612420072
XEN Rural Water Supply Div IIXEN Rural Water Supply Div II01612522587
XEN Road and Bridges Div IIXEN Road and Bridges Div II01612420072
XEN Road and Bridges Div IXEN Road and Bridges Div I01612420025
XEN PWD B and R HorticultureXEN PWD B and R Horticulture01612710019

Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana

Name Designation Email Landline No
Vice ChancellorVice Chancellor01612401794
PAU PBXPAU PBX01612401960

Punjab State Electricity Board

Name Designation Email Landline No
SE HQSE HQ01612450369
SE Civil LinesSE Civil Lines01612455000
SDO Civil LinesSDO Civil Lines01612448347
Chief EngineerChief Engineer01612455001
Bharat NagarBharat Nagar01612425801
Atam NagarAtam Nagar01612457000


Name Designation Email Landline No
Tehsildar SamralaTehsildar Samrala01628263354
Tehsildar RaikotTehsildar Raikot01624264282
Tehsildar PayalTehsildar Payal01628276286
Tehsildar Ludhiana WestTehsildar Ludhiana West01612422842
Tehsildar Ludhiana EastTehsildar Ludhiana East01612400150
Tehsildar KhannaTehsildar Khanna01628238850
Tehsildar JagraonTehsildar Jagraon01624223225
Tehsildar ElectionTehsildar Election01612431430