Additional Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade is gaining importance in India day by day. It has become a national priority as it is a vehicle to economic development/growth. With the formulation of WTO and advent of globalization, whole world has become one market. Therefore, becoming a major player in trade is not only desirable but is utmost necessary. Increase in exports is vital for growth whereas imports stimulate our economy. In backdrop of the above scenario, Govt. of India is committed to take all necessary steps to double our percentage share of merchandise trade within the next five years. For this, the Govt. formulates and implements policies which also act as an instrument to provide thrust to employment.

For this purpose, Ministry of Commerce through its attached offices of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, formulate and implement foreign trade policy. Such policy is announced under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) rules, 1992 read with Foreign Trade (Regulation) Act, 1993.

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