District Social Security Office

Office Detail

  1. Head of Office : Distt. Social Security Officer
  2. Name of Office : Distt. Social Security Office
  3. Staff Detail
District Social Security Office
Section Officer
Accountant/Senior Asst.
Senior Asstt. II
Senior Asstt. III (Vacant)
Junior AssttI I(Vacant)
Junior Asstt. II (Vacant)
Junior Asstt. III (Vacant)
Data Entry Operator
Sweeper(Transferred to Jalandher)

  1. Situation of Office : Distt. Social Security Officer,Social Welfare Complex, Shimlapuri, Near Gill Canal, LUDHIANA.
  2. Telephone No./ Fax No.: 0161 – 5016278.
  3. Branches of office:
  • Administration Branch-cum-Account Branch (Administration work/Accounts Work)
  • Pension / Computor Branch

Detail of work Distributed to each Employee.

  • Section Officer To supervise the work of Accounts Section
  • Administration Branch

    Superintendent Reconciliation work with Banks. Deletion of those account who died and their accounts are operating He also Supervised the work done by Accountant i.e. Pay Bill and bill of all kinds. Administration work Store/Stock .Monthly Progress Reports/ Expenditure Reports the Grant- In-Aid to N.G.Os. deal with the complaints received from the beneficiary written Supervise the work of National Benefit Schemes.Supervise the Work done by J.A.-1 General supervision of Departments Homes at Ludhiana,maintaining the leave account of all superintendents Home and of all Staff.

  • Accounts Branch

    Accountant/Senior Asst.I: To prepared the Pay Bills/ Contingent Bill etc. Administration work store / Audit of all plan/ Non plan Schemes/ Center Schemes. To maintained the Cash Books of State and Centre Schemes and prepare the monthly Progress Reports / Expenditure Report and deal with the applications of N.G.O’s for grant.

    Junior Asstt. -1 (Vacant) Office Type work, Awards work , Disability Act 1995, National Trust Act 1999 and To prepare the Identity Card of Senior Citizen and Handicapped Persons.Monthly Progress reports and maintaining the record of Accountant

  • Pension/ Computer Branch

    Senior Asstt.(A-II) payment of the Pension of all Schemes to Blocks and Banks. Deposit undisbursed amounts received back from various Banks and Sarpanches due to death of beneficiaries and Non- operating of accounts.

    Senior Asstt. ( A-III ) Processing of National Family Benefit Scheme Forms and making correspondence with Applicant and CDPO for Verification and there after sanction and payment to the beneficiaries, and deals with APRS (Actual payees receipt from Gram Panchayats (total 888) APR’s and Reconcile the payment with payment Seoll. Also Prepares Monthly reports related with pension (Application and APR’s)

    Junior Asstt. (JA-2) (Vacant) Diary and Dispatch work of the office Dak including Bank Letters and Drafts and also assist the Accountant.2 and maintained the record of Acctt-2

    Junior Asstt: (JA-3) (Vacant) To Asstt. the work related to Accountant. 2 and keeping the records of Pension send to Banks and Blocks and also keeping the records of APRs received from Gram Panchyats.

    Data Entry Operator Computerized all the pension data and prepare the pension list of all schemes.

Detail of Various Scheme


  1. Old Age Pension to men above aged 65 and Woman above aged 58 years.
  2. Financial Assistance to Widow and Destitute Women.
  3. Financial Assistance to Destitute Children .
  4. Financial Assistance to Disabled Persons (50% and Above).

The Old Age Pension/ other Financial Assistance @ Rs. 750/-

P.M. given to per beneficiary.( w.e.f. 01/07/2017 @ Rs. 750/- P.M)

Indira Gandhi National old Age Pension Indra Gandhi National old age pension is given to the beneficiaries living below poverty Line(BPL)@Rs.200 P.M. beneficiary and Rs.500 the beneficiaries at the age of 80 years or above in addition to Rs. 200/- Pension Give by State Govt.

Indra Gandhi National Widow Pension The pension is given to the beneficiaries living below poverty Line(BPL)@Rs.300 P.M. (Age limit 40-79 years). For Widowers Aged Above 80 @Rs. 500 P.M.

Indra Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme (IGNDPS) The pension is given to the beneficiaries living below poverty Line(BPL)@Rs.300 P.M. For Persons Aged 80 and Above Benefits are shifted to IGNOAP and pension @Rs. 500 P.M. For those beneficiary who having disability above 80%.

National Family Benefit Scheme It is Centrally sponsored scheme Rs. 20,000/- granted to Widow of Diseased Persons who was living below poverty line.Payment made through Bank Draft /Cheques. by this Department. (Age Eligibility 18 to 59 Years). But apply with in year from date of death.

Senior Citizen Card to senior citizen of the district whose age is of 60 year or above.


For more details about Schemes visit : Directorate of social security,Punjab website

List of Beneficiaries
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