Small Savings Office


Ludhiana district has been standing first in the entire state of Punjab in terms of gross of Highest collections under Small Savings.Break up of gross and net collections for last three years is as under:

Year Gross Collections
(in crores)
Net Collections
(in crores)
2012-13 1508.50 12.50
2013-14 1627.38 263.67
2014-15 2283.47 709.75
2015-16 2957.17 834.71
2016-17 3382.40 1029.28

Nearly 1400 small savings? agents are making efforts to mobilize collections under various small saving schemes throughout the district Ludhiana. Following small savings schemes have been offered by Government of India to the public for investment :-

Various Small Saving At a Glance:
(A) Tax Saving Schemes

Public Provident Fund Account 15 Years 7.8% tax free interest.Tax rebate u/s 80c.
NSC 8th issue certificate 5 Years 7.8% ( Rs. 10000/- becomes 14558/-) Tax rebate u/s 80c
Senior Citizens Savings Scheme 5 Years 8.3% payable quarterly. Income tax rebate u/s 80c
Time Deposit Account 5 Years 7.6% interest calculated quarterly. Tax rebate u/s 80c
Sukanya Samridhi Account 21 Years 8.3% interest calculated quarterly. Tax rebate u/s 80c

Other Attractive Schemes

Kisan Vikas Patras 9 Years & 7 months Amount Doubles
Monthly Income scheme 5 Years 7.5% Payable Monthly
Time Deposit Accounts One year 6.8%
Time Deposit Accounts Two years 6.9%
Time Deposit Accounts Three years 7.1%
Post Office Recurring Deposit Account 5 Years 7.1%
Post office Savings bank A/c 4%


*These Interest rates are applicable from 01-07-2017 to 30-09-2017.
*Rates of interest,maturity value, income tax concessions etc. ad notified by the Central Govt. in official gazette from time to time shall be allowed.

Contribution to the development of the state
State of Punjab gets a sizeable amount of funds for development of the State from Govt. of India on net collections under small savings schemes.

Appointment of Agents

With a view to mobilize more collections agents are appointed under two categories of agency system of SAS and MPKBY from different uncovered areas of Ludhiana District. Applications are submitted at Small savings? Office, Bachat Bhawan, District Administrative complex, Ludhiana and agencies are issued on completion of formalities.