District Employment Office

Contact Address & Phone No.

District Industrial Centre, Millerganj Road, Nirankari Mohalla, Ludhiana. Telephone No. 0161-2545137 E-mail Id : ddempldh[at]gmail[dot]com

No of Employees dessignation wise

  1. Deputy Director , Employment =01
  2. Employment Generation & Training Officer =01
  3. Supdt. =01
  4. Sr. Assistant =01
  5. Steno Typist =01
  6. Jr.Assistant =01
  7. Clerk =06
  8. Daftari =01
  9. Peon =01
  10. Chowkidar =01


There are three town employment exchanges comes under district employment exchange Ludhiana. These are :

  1. Town Employment Exchange, Jagraon Telephone No. 1624-222459 Incharge Employment Officer post is vacant presently Additional charge is with Mrs.Sunita Kalyan
  2. Town Employment Exchange, Khanna Telephone No. 01628-225002 Incharge Employment Officer : 1
  3. Town Employment Exchange, Samrala Incharge Employment Officer : 1

Objectives of the Employment Exchange

  1. Helping Employers and unemployed to contact each other, so that employers can get suitable employees and persons needing employment. This work is done by the Registration/vacancy section of the employment exchange.
  2. To provide vocational guidance to the school/college students to the unemployed persons and to motivate and guide unemployed persons for self employment , This work is done by the vocational guidance section of the employment exchange.
  3. To collect the information of employers (both private and public sector ) of district and about the number of employees working under them in accordance with the employment exchanges compulsory notification of vacancies act 1959 . Data collected from the district employment exchanges are collected , complied and sent to the government of India Director General employment and training New Delhi. This work is done by EMI section of district employment exchange.
  4. To provide unemployment allowance to educated unemployment persons ( Matric and above) registered with Employment Exchange continuously for more than three years.
  5. To Help the persons to get employment abroad through overseas employment web site.

Registration of Unemployed Persons

Any person who is resident of punjab, age group 16 to 50 years can register his/her name in the employment exchange . No fee is charged for this purpose. If the candidate get his /her education is from the punjab state then there is no need for the residence proof. In case of uneducated and those who get their education from institute outside punjab , any one of the following documents can be presented as a residence proof.

  1. Certificate of Residence of punjab issued by the District Administration.
  2. Ration Card.
  3. Discharge book in case of Ex Serviceman and their Children.
  4. In case of SC/ST candidate certificates of SC/ST issued by the district administration.
  5. Certificate by employer in case of Central Govt Employee or private employees working in Punjab for proof of residence to register the name of their children in Employment Exchange.
  6. Certificate issued by the Sarpanch /(Rural Area) Municipal Commissioner.
  7. Certificate issued by any gazetted Officer, MLA/MP
  8. Voter Identity Card.

Residents falling in the purview of particular employment exchange can register their name in that e.g. Residents of Tehsil Ludhiana are registered with district employment exchange, Ludhiana.

Candidate who wish to register his/her name has to come personally in the employment exchange along with all the proof/documents. These certificates are checked by the Officer and returned back to the candidate. If the candidate possess any experience certificate it should also be presented at the time of registration otherwise experience certificate presented after the three months from the date of discharge from the duty ( In case of Private sector) / from the issue of certificate ( In case of government employees) are not accepted.

At the time of registration candidate are issued an Identity card (called x-10) that bears the registration number of the candidate and the occupation (In accordance with the qualification) code number of the occupation for which his/her name is registered (Called NCO Number) is provided for future correspondence with the officer. This card is valid for one year. Registration clerk writes month and year of next renewal while issuing the card to the candidate.

Vacancy Section

This section deals with the procurement of vacancies from the employers and submission of the suitable candidate against these vacancies , In accordance with the employment exchange compulsory Notification of vacancy act 1959 Rule 1960. It is mandatory for all the public sector and private sector having more than 25 employees to notify their vacancies to the employment exchange. These vacancies are notified by the employer in specific Performa called SEM-7 Any employer who want to fill the vacancies can get the Performa from the employment exchange free of cost, (It can also be downloaded from the web site) No fee is charged from the employer or from the candidate for this service. Candidates are submitted to the Govt. employer on the basis of essential qualification required for the post sum the seniority in employment exchange bur to the private employers candidates can be submitted according to the demand of the employer without considering any seniority private employers are also at lib to select any candidates of their choice from the live register ( All candidates registered with employment exchange) Employers can get the full particulars of the required candidates to call for the interview later on as per their convenience or they can ask the employment exchange to send the candidates for interview on particular date. In the present scenario with the government jobs are shrinking largely the only hope for employment is in private sector. Ludhiana being industrial city there is much scope of employment in the private sector . Employment officers/ Staff contact the private employers personally and on telephone to procure the vacancies available to employment exchange on telephone . So it is easy way for the employers to fill the vacancy through employment exchange as it saves the employers first to send money on advertising the vacancy and then spending time in scrutinising the applicants and then sending call letters for interview., If the candidates are not available in the local employment exchange particulars of that vacancy are circulated all over punjab to get the candidates from other employment exchanges ever the training institute that provide training in that particular fields are also contacted to send the list of pass outs,. So that they can be registered in the employment exchange and can be submitted against the vacancies received in the office.

Registration for Overseas Employment Cell Chandigarh.

Overseas employment cell Punjab S.C.O No 1118-19 Sector 22B Chandigarh. is set up by the Directorate of employment Punjab for the candidates seeking employment abroad. Details of the activities of this cell can be seen on the web site :

For the registration of overseas employment cell candidates need not go to the chandigarh. Forms for registration can be obtained from the District Employment Office ludhiana. It is a paid service price of the form for the registration of overseas employment cell is Rs. 50. Forms are Non transferable and is issued after noting down the address , form number and signature of the candidates. Candidates are instructed to fill this form. Registration fee of Rs. 500 for General category candidates . Rs.200 for SC/OBC/PH/EX/S, is charged in the form of draft payable to Punjab State Council for Employment Gen. & Trg. CHD. Candidates are guided to return the form after filling and attaching the necessary documents (Copies of educational ,Experience certificate and the draft etc,)to the district employment exchange Ludhiana. Forms are accepted in the office after proper checking and candidates are issued identity slip bearing the registration No.( Form no of the candidate) Email address, Phone No and web site of overseas employment cell, Category of the candidate and the date of next renewal.Registration of overseas employment cell is valid for one year. Renewal fee is Rs 150 for general category and Rs. 75 for the reserve candidates. Renewal is done only at overseas employment cell chandigarh.

Office of the District Employment exchange guide the candidates and students of various technical training institute about the activities of this cell So that they can apply for the overseas jobs through proper way without falling in the clutches of the travel agents.

Vocational Guidance Unit

District Employment exchange has a district Guidance unit which provides vocational guidance to the students as well as unemployed candidates who are registered with the employment exchange. Guidance for self employment schemas is provided and self employment camps are organised in office as well as in rural areas. In these camps information about various self employment schemes run by different Government agencies , banks , training for self employment is provided by the officers.

Self help groups are formed in villages and business domestic help line with technical persons are organised for self employment’s.

Guidance seminars, Conferences Exhibition are arranged in Sr. Sec. Schools/Colleges to guide students about the Career planning, training facilities in various streams etc, Every year career week is celebrated in the month of August in different Sr. Sec. schools . Talks by different experts are delivered concerning different occupation as well as self employment.

Guidance centre is equipped with number of books related to various subjects General knowledge and vocational guidance . Candidates registered with employment exchange can read these books in the guidance centre for the preparation of various competitive examination or for entrance test. There is also provision for the psychological testing in the guidance centre. General aptitude test are conducted in schools. Prospects of different Institutes and Video cassettes related to different careers and self employment are also available and are shown to the candidate. A quarterly magazine ( named KITASUCHNA) published by career study centres by the directorate of employment Punjab Chandigarh is distributed free of cost to all Senior secondary schools and colleges, Guidance and coaching for different admission tests/competitive exams is provided in employment exchange preferably for the rural youth.

Minimum four career talks are delivered by the vocational guidance officers in different schools of district Ludhiana. Besides candidates who come to employment exchange are also guided about various job opportunities and the way , they can improve their employability by the guidance officer through group discussion , at the time of registration or through detail guidance individually .

Vocational guidance is provided to the candidates at the time of registration with direct interaction. Govt. has launched a new project with the co-ordination of A.D.C.(D) and has settled a committee with the set of 16 members.This programme has been given the name as MASS-counselling, by this programme head of the office(Diss. Brueau of Employment Gen. & Trg. Ldh) with all the experts visit rural area schools and guide the candidates of rural area (Senior Secondary Schools).They guide about their specific field, like how and when to do certain courses after a certain qualification and many other information are given about various fields.

V.T.P:- Vocational Training Programes are provided to the candidates registered with the employment exchange through private employers and after the completion of training the certificates are provided to the students and 20% placement is also assured say facility the employer who provides the training. The training is given with total fees of Rs.2000 and that too refundable.

Employment Marketing Information Unit

District Employment Exchange collect and compile the information from the each government employer from the private employers about the number of persons (employees) working under them. This information is used to guide the candidate about the jobs that are in short supply and also to guide the schools learners about the job prospects in the district. so that they can prepare themselves accordingly by getting themselves trained in these fields . The information collected by the employment exchange is also used for the purpose of planning by state and central government.

Employment Exchange compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act 1959

Through this act it is mandatory for each government employer and private employer having 25 employees working with them (It is obligatory for the employers having less then 25 employees ) to send the information about the number of employees working with them. to the district employment exchange . This information is to be submitted by the employer in specific Performa called ER-I available in District employment exchange free of cost (It can also be downloaded from the web site) This information is to be submitted quarterly . This information should reach the district employment exchange within one month by end of each quarter , Failing it the employer can be prosecuted in the court of law under this act It is also mandatory to send ER-II(Occupational) return (A Biennial return) to the district employment exchange. Performa can be downloaded from the web site. This return is used or collection of occupational and educational details of employees and to collect the information about the forecast of vacancies during the next calendar year due to retirement, expansion or reorganization . ER-II return is collected by employment exchange only once in two years for the quarter ending September for private sector in odd years (2007,2009) and from public sector in even year (2006,2008).

With a view to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data furnished by the employers in ER-I and ER-II returns , regular and systematic inspection of records or documents of the establishment is conducted by the district employment Officer.

Employers ( all govt and private having 25 or more employers ) who fail to submit their returns timely of fails to notify their vacancies to the employment exchanges are issued shoe cause notices. In case of unsatisfactory reply case of prosecution is prepared and submitted to chief Judicial Magistrate for action.

Government of India ‘s persons with disability act 1995 (PWD act 95) has assigned certain responsibilities to employment exchange In implementing this act main responsibility is the submission of DPER-I and DPER-II . These returns are on the pattern of ER-I and ER-II These returns depicts the disabled persons working in that establishment category I,e, Orthopedic, blind and deaf and dumb . At the time of record checking of the employers they are guided about 3% reservation of vacancies to disabled and advise the employer about the different processes of the act.

Live Register as on 01-01-2017 to 30-06-2017

No. of Candidates registered in the Employment Exchange Ludhiana

Sr.No. Item Male Female Total
1. Diploma Holders 383 28 411
2. ITI’s 1483 154 1637
3. Para Medical 75 60 135
4. Teachers 177 2307 2484
5. Graduates 1168 726 1894
6. Under Graduates 4456 2261 6717
7. Matric Pass 3453 1513 4966
8. Under Matric 6294 1936 8230
  Total 18524 9561 28085