District Education Office (Elementary), Ludhiana


The District Education Office is situated on the 3rd floor of District Administration Complex, near Bharat Nagar Chowk, Ludhiana.

All the work relating to First to Vth class students as Vth class standard Exam is conducted and certificates are issued . All the work relating to primary teachers (Including Transfers, (JBT,Head Trs,C.Head Trs and Block Edu.officers) appointments and other various works relating to teacher’s as G.P.F maintenance, Pension, medical re-imbursement of their medical Bill, A.C.P cases and other works (1) S.S.A and (2) M.D.M detail included

Work Being done under

• Establishment

• Appointments and Transfers of Teachers JBT/ETT , Rationalization of Teacher.

• A.C.P cases, promotions HT/CHT, complaints, fifth class examination, Seniority and Confirmation and Priority Cases.

• Account and General

• G.P.F A/c of Teachers.

• Recognition of Private Schools.

• Medical Re-imbursement of Teachers.

• Grants-in-Aid to Aided Schools.

• Scholarships to S.C/B.C students.

• Grants under Planning scheme to schools.

• Permission of higher Education to teachers.

• Pension cases of teachers.



Mid-day Meal scheme was implemented in District of Ludhiana w.e.f, Oct.2001. For Pry Schools (I to V Classes ) from July 2008 also for Upper Pry (VI to VIII Classes). 100gm foodgrain per day/per student is used to be distributed amoung the students of primary schools and 150 gm for Upper Pry Schools Studends. This scheme is running in 588- Govt Pry Schools,422 Zila Parishad Pry Schools, 9-Aided Pry Schools, 180 Special training centers (Pry), 20 NCLP Schools, 525 Upper Pry Schools ( including 519 Govt and 6 Aided Schools)in Ludhiana District. This information for the year 2011-12. During the year 2011-12 the detail of distribution of food grains and conversion charges is as under:-

wheat(MT) Rice(MT) Conversion chargers (in lacs) Working Days No of Beneficiaries Rate per Student per day
Pry 1251.43 1244.43 589.66 234 87194 *Rs 2.89
U.Pry 1062.74 1057.55 560.38 234 55307 *Rs 4.33


*w.e.f.from 01/04/12 the rate is enhanced to Rs 3.11 for Pry and Rs 4.65 for U.Pry

• Detail of food grains and conversion charges given above are are 01-04-2011 to 31-03-2012

• Food grains from F.C.I godowns is carried through PUNSUP to the concerned schools and conversion charges are being distributed directly to schools through Bank E-Transfer.

• Account of received and consumed food grains and conversion charges is maintained at the school level .

• Information of the whole district is collected through B.P.E.Os. and Clusters and supplied to state headquarter.

• Fire-extinguishers have been supplied to all schools in the district.

• Gas bhathies and Gas connections have been supplied to all schools in the district.

• Weighting Machines have been supplied to the Govt.Schools in the year 2009-10.

• Height recorders are engraved on the walls of all the schools in the year 2009-10.

• Kitchen Shed have been Consturcted in 229 GovtPrimary Schools in the year 2008, in 704 Primary Schools in the year 2010 and in 505 Upper Pry Schools in the year 2010, whereas the amt. of 78 Kitchen Sheds was refunded to the Head Office Chandigarh in respect of Pry schools and for 10 Upper Pry Schools as the Kitchen Sheds could not be contructed due to different reasons i.e. shortage of land,land dispute,etc. The Kitchen Sheds were constructed @Rate of Rs 60,000 each Kitchen Shed.

• A sum of Rs 7053350 which was recieved from Head Office Chandigarh have been distibuted to all the Pry,Upper Pry, Aided and PRI Schools on 24-08-2012 direct by Bank E-Transfer for the purchase of Utensils for beneficiaries of Mid-Day-Meal through School Management Commettee as per instructions issued by the Head Office.The ratio of Utensils supplied @rate of Rs 50 per beneficiary.

• A sum of Rs.338550 has been received form the Head Office Chandigarh on 17-08-2012 for the Purchase of Soap to be used by the beneficiaries of Mid-Day-Meal and Cooks before and after Mid-Day-Meal.This Amount will also been sent soon to the schools for the Purchase through School Management commettee as per instructions of Head Office Chandigarh.The Ratio of Soap is Rs 150 upto 100 Students and above 100 student schools Rs 300.

• Health Cards have also been issued to all the Schools through B.P.E.Os. an Center Clusters for the record Health checkup of all students.

• From Dec 2010 as per instructions of the Head Office,Cooks have also being engaged for the schools for the praparation of Mid-Day-Meal.The ratio of Cook is one upto 25 Students above 25 and upto 100 one extra Cook and after this one Cook is for every 100 Students.Rate of remunation of the Cook from Dec10 to Nov 11 was Rs 1000pm and w.e.f. 1-12-2011 is Rs 1200pm.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Ludhiana