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Places to visit

Nehru Rose Garden

Nehru Rose Garden, Ludhiana

Nehru Rose Garden situated in Ludhiana city was established in 1967.This is one of the largest rose garden in asia, spreads over an area of 30 acres, which planted more than 17,000 plants with 1,600 varieties of roses ,which gives a greenery sight .It is a picnic spot with landscaped lawns ,musical fountain, pathway ,mini-zoo and also offers boat rides in the pool are the major entertainments which attracts the visitors. It is also considered as a best spot for jogging and walking. The famous annual rose festival of the city is conducted in this garden which attracts thousands of visitors.
Hardy World

Hardy's World (Amusement park)

An amusement park or theme park is a group of entertainment attractions, rides, and other events in a location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people. An amusement park is more elaborate than a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions meant to cater specifically to certain age groups, as well as some that are aimed towards all ages. Theme parks, a specific type of amusement park, are usually much more intricately themed to a certain subject or group of subjects than normal amusement park. Hardy?s World is a wonderful type of amusement park for all types of age groups. It is nestled in over several acres of parkland just across Ludhiana on the Ludhiana Jalandhar highway. With over 20 rides and attractions and many food outlets, there's something for everyone at Hardy?s World ages are treated as friends
For More Information Please Check its website
Guru Nanak Bhawan

Guru Nanak Bhawan, Ludhiana

Rural Museum

Rural Museum, PAU, Ludhiana

Tiger Safari

Tiger Safari, Amaltas, Ludhiana

F2 Raceway

F2 Raceway, Ludhiana

F2 Raceway is an Adventure & Sports Park with a difference! Being the first of its kind in India and largest in Northern India,It boasts of a number of adventurous activities ? covering land and water ? Guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush and fill your day with fun. Not only are the activities at F2 Raceway challenging but they leave you wanting for more! Located at Canal Road, South City, Ludhiana. Its beautiful rustic setting adds to the allure of the Park. Park is open all year round and its one of Ludhiana?s favorite ? ALL WEATHER ATTRACTION ?with many activities under one cover, so one can have a fantastic day out no matter what the weather is !
War Museum

Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Ludhiana

The largest city in the state of Punjab, Ludhiana boasts of housing one of the most popular places to see in the state - Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum. Spreading across four acres in area, this museum came into existence in the year 1999. The Punjab Government constructed the museum as a gesture of tribute to the courageous soldiers who struggled and laid their lives during various wars and battles that have been fought so far. Keeping up the museum with the International standards was the prime focus of the Government of Punjab.

Located on the GT Road in Ludhiana, Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum not only pays homage to the soldiers but also educates the citizens of India about the role of defense. A majestic statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh sitting proudly on a throne welcomes you as you enter the museum. It has 12 galleries with exhibits of different divisions like the Ancient History Gallery, Post Independence History Gallery, War Hero?s Gallery, Air Force and Navy Gallery etc. The main hall displays pictures of the various Chakra winners, Chief Marshals, Generals and Admirals of Punjab. Two glorious lawns exhibit trophies of the Navy, Army and Air Force.

A major attraction of this museum is the light and sound show which narrates the story of war of independence and the role of the gallant soldiers of Punjab in it. The show also creates a sense of nationalism among the people. You can also have a look at the number of battle tanks, Anti-aircraft guns, an old Sukhoi and an INS Vikrant model placed around the museum for the visitors to see. The Government of Punjab has been spending a good amount of money for the maintenance of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum to immortalize the memories of independence. This conscientious effort definitely calls for a visit to this honorable museum.

Gurdwara Charnkanwal Sahib

Gurdwara Charankanwal Sahib Machhiwara

GURUDWARA SHRI CHARAN KANWAL SAHIB is situated in the Machiwara town of Ludhiana Distt. After Martyrdom of his two Sahibjadas and few sikhs SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI left the fort of SHRI CHAMKAUR SAHIB and reached village CHUHARPUR and sat to relax under tree, Where GURUDWARA SHRI JHAR SAHIB is situated. From there he came to the jungles of MACHIWARA SAHIB. GURU SAHIB reached near well. he drank water from that well then took tind (a Pot which draws water from well) and used it as pillow under JAND tree to spend his night. That old jand tree is still present. Here while remembering God GURU SAHIB Recited the Shabad

"Mitar Payare nu Haal Murida Da KehnaTud Bin Rog, Rajaina da Odan Naga Niwaasan De RehnaShul Surahi, Khanjar Pyale Bing Kasaian de Rehna Mitar Payare nu Haal Murida Da Kehna" Here two out of Punj Piyaraas Bhai Dharam Singh Ji and Bhai Daya Singh Ji and one another sikh Bhai Man Singh ji met GURU SAHIB.

Guru Nanak Sports Stadium

Guru Nanak (Sports) Stadium, Ludhiana


  • Deer Park, Neelon
  • Water Resource Museum, PAU Ludhiana
  • Gurdwara Manji Sahib, Ludhiana(Kottan)
  • It is said that a local farmer and labourer was tilling his fields on 12th August 1953 when his plough hit a piece of rock. The farmer and the labourer went home and returned the following day with the local Sangat. The spot where the plough had hit was found to be the resting place of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. With the generosity of the Sangat a Gurdwara Sahib was established. The Gurdwara is located very near (south of) the GT Road.

  • Gurdwara Alamgir Sahib, Alamgir
  • Gurdwara Alamgir Sahib, Alamgir
  • GURUDWARA SHRI MANJI SAHIB (ALAMGIR SAHIB) is situated in the Village Alamgir In Distt Ludhiana. SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI, after his four sons & mother were martyred by the Mughals, was going from Machhiwara on a bed as " Uchh Da Pir" & reached here on 14 Poh 1761 Bikrami (1704 A.D.). On reaching here, one of the horse traders of the village named Bhai Nigahia Singh, gifted a horse to GURU SAHIB. Nabi Khan & Gani Khan were sent back with the bed. GURU SAHIB asked an old lady who was picking cow dung whether he could get some water from somewhere to take bath to which the old lady replied that " Pir Ji this is a place of ruins, there is no water here. There is a well far away but there is a big python that lives there, no one goes there. GURU SAHIB Ji hit the python with an arrow & gave it "Mukti" ( exemption from further transmigration ) & the python fell into the well. When the Sikhs went to fetch water, the water had gone bad so close to where GURU SAHIB was sitting, GURU SAHIB hit one more arrow & there was a water spring that came out & all the sikhs had a bath. On seeing this miracle, the old lady fell into GURU SAHIB's feet & said "Peer Ji you are a wonderful Peer, I have a request. I have leprosy & i have gone to various places to get the treatment done but it has not been cured, kindly cure my disease & help me to get rid of this disease. GURU SAHIB said that whoever takes a bath under this water spring with belief, GOD will cure all his sadness. Then GURU JI sat on the horse given by Bhai Nigahia Singh & went towards Raikot. The old lady had a bath in that water spring & was cured. She went back to the village & told about the whole story. The place where Bhai Nabi Khan & Bhai Gani Khan kept GURU SAHIB's bed, today at that place exists a beautiful Gurudwara known as Manji Sahib