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Verka Milk Plant, Ludhiana


Milk Production is a very important part of the agricultural economy in the State of Punjab. Punjab is one of the smallest States in Indian Union with a total area of 50,362 Sq. Kms., which is 1.5% of the Indian landmass. Dairy Farming is an age-old subsidiary profession in the rural areas of Punjab. Punjab is the second largest milk producing state in India, producing around 10% of the countrys Milk Production i.e. 8 million tones annually.

Verka Milk Plant, Ludhiana
  1. First Milk Plant, of the State was setup at Verka near Amritsar.
  2. The brand name of Milk and Milk Products was adopted as Verka.
  3. The Foundation stone of Milk Plant, Ludhiana was laid by Hon. S. Parkash Singh Badal, the then Chief Minister of Punjab in 1970.
  4. Commissioning of the Plant was done by Punjab Dairy Development Corporation in 1974.
  5. Inauguration was done by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India.
  6. The capacity of the plant was 1.00 lac. Litre per day, Including powder plant of 7 MT.And now the milk handling capacity is 4.00 Lac Liter perday.


  1. To strengthen dairy sector, Milkfed came into existence in 1978 and Simultaneously Distt. Milk unions were formed.
  2. Village level cooperative societies were also formed on "Anand Pattern". The system was run by the farmers, of the farmers and for the farmers.
  3. To give remunerative prices to farmers and to ensure permanent market for the whole year.
  4. To provide technical inputs like artificial insemination,to improve the breed of animals,animals health services,preventive disease treatment andawareness regarding farm management etc.
  5. To provide ISI marks good quality balanced Cattle feed and fodder seeds to the farmers.

Necessity for Production Enhancement

  1. Milk production in the area increased manifold with the result. Resultantly started receiving daily 2.50 LPD of milk.
  2. To increase the participation of women 132 exclusively women societies are organized with 15500 women members. through Punjab Women Dairy Project a Central Govt. sponsored scheme.
  3. Milk Production in the area increased manifold with the result. Resultantly started receiving daily 2.50 Lac LPD of Milk and Peak procurement 4.5 Lac LPD.
  4. To cater to the increased demand, necessity of expansion of milk plant arose.
  5. Capacity of Milk Plant enhanced from 1 lac to 4 lac litres with additional powder. Plant of 30 MTs .
  6. Plant is having latest State of Art Technology with MVR (Mechanical Vapour Reprocesses) along with a drier with fluidized bed through which agglomerated Powder is manufactured.
  7. This improved the socio- economic conditions of marginal and poor farmers.
  8. The profitability of the plant and turnover of the plant improved a lot.
  9. No. of societies increased from 94 to 802 and its membership from 5400 to 78500.
  10. All the societies are in net profit and distributing bonus to its members.

Quality of Milk and Milk Products

  1. To improve the quality of raw milk, Clean Milk Production program started in 700 villages and resultantly the quality of products increased.
  2. Milk Plant, Ludhiana was the First in India in Dairy Sector to get ISO Certification.
  3. Under ISO Certification and HACCP (IS 15000) Milk Union started export of Ghee, SMP to Gulf Countries Philippines, Manila, South Africa, Singapore, Bangla Desh etc. The export is more than 5.5 crore during the last year.
  4. To further improve the quality of Raw Milk, Milk Union started 366 Automatic Milk collection Stations at village level.
  5. To meet the Challenges of WTO Milk Union started TIFAC program with the help of Ministry of information.
  6. 51 Bulk Milk Coolers have been installed at village level to chill the milk on this spot and to check bacterial count.
  7. 64 model dairy demonstration farms have been established and 202 milking machines have been provided in distt. of Ludhiana which has encouraged the farmers to adopted dairy on large scale.
  8. Milk Union, Ludhiana is first in India which has installed Bectoscan worth 70 lacs and Somatic cell count machine have been installed at milk plant, Ludhiana,
  9. Further 23 BMC has been approved under central govt. Scheme on 75% grant to be installed in societies.

Present Status/ Achievements of the Plant

  1. No. of societies increased from 94 to 802 and its membership from 5400 to 78500.
  2. Milk Procurement has increased from 10200 LPD to 2,50,000 LPD.
  3. Highest milk price is being paid to the milk producers as compare to other plants in the states
  4. Products being manufactured by Ludhiana Plant are sold at premium rates through out of the country and in the International Market.
  5. City supply has increase from 66000 LPD to 1,98,000 LPD.
  6. Turnover the plant touched to 283 crores Profit of the union has increased manifold.
  7. Capacity utilization of the plant is more than 85%.
  8. Milk products like Ghee,Table Butter,Skimmed Milk Powder,Whole Milk Powder,Curd,Paneer,Milk Cake etc are being manufactured by Milk Plant Ludhiana.

Milk Union, Ludhiana is further progressing by leaps and bounds and it is hoped that in the years to come, it will achieve excellent results and will help improve the social and economic condition of the people at large.


The Ludhiana District Co-operative Milk Producer's Union Ltd.

Jagraon Road,

Verka Milk Plant, Ludhiana (Punjab) - 141004

Telephone:- 0161- 5203300, 5203301, 2552943

Fax:- 0161-2552901

Email:- milk_ldh[at]rediffmail[dot]com