OFFICE ADDRESS Distt. Project Office Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Ludhiana,inside- Shaheede Azam Sukhdev Thapar Govt. girls Sen. Sec. School.
PHONE 0161-2420902 -SSA office
0161-2432077 -District Education office (Primary) Ludhiana
FAX 0161-2420902

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is a comprehensive and integrated flagship programme of government of India ,launched in 2000-01, to attain universal elementary education in the country in a mission mode. It is a response to the demand for quality basic education all over the country. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the 6 to 14 age group by 2010. The SSA programmme is also an attempt to provide an opportunity for improving human capabilities to all children, through provision of community-owned quality education in a mission mode

An effort at effectively involving the Panchayati Raj Institutions, School Management Committees, Village and Urban Slum Level Education Committees, Parents’ Teachers’ Associations, Mother Teacher Associations, Tribal Autonomous Councils and other grass root level structures in the management of elementary schools.

An expression of political will for universal elementary education across the country. A partnership between the Central, State and the local government. An opportunity for States to develop their own vision of elementary education.



  1. All children in school, Education Guarantee Centre, Alternate School, ‘Back-to-School’ camp by 2003.
  2. All children complete five years of primary schooling by 2007.
  3. All children complete eight years of elementary schooling by 2010.
  4. Focus on elementary education of satisfaction quality with emphasis on education for life.
  5. Bridge all gender and social category gaps at primary stage by 2007 and at elementary education level at 2010.
  6. Universal retention by 2010.

District level structure

Sr No. Designation No Of Posts
1 District Project Director cum Member Secretary cum, District Education Officer (EE) , Ludhiana 1
2 Distt. Project Coordinator cum Deputy DEO (P) 1
3 DRP Maths 1
4 DRP English 1
5 DRP Social Studies 1
6 Parvesh Project Coordinator 1
7 DRP TEXT BOOKS, STR, Gender Education 1
12 DRP STR 1
15 Asst.Project Coordinator (General) 1
16 Asst. Project Coordinator (Finance) 1
18 Accountant 2
19 District Special Educator 1
20 Data Entry Operator 5

Block level structure

In the 19 Block Education Offices following staff is working for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

Sr No. Designation No Of Posts
1 Block Project Director-cum-Member Secretary-cum-Block Education Officer, Ludhiana 1
3 MIS Coordinator 1
4 Accountant 2
5 Junior Engineer 1
6 Data Entry Operator 1

School Management Committee(SMC)

THE VEDCs have been replaced by School Management Committee.The School Management Committee(SMC) is a means to speed up the development of elementary education.It is like constituting a local management committee for every school which takes active part in the developmental works of the school and implements the same.It represents both, the local bodies and general public.

Constituion of School Management Committee

  • The Consitution of the SMC is as follow:-
  • There will be 12 members of the SMC.75% members(i.e.9 members)will be from the parents/guardians of the school children.Out of these 9 members,5 members must be female.There should be proportionate representation to the disadvantaged and weaker sections of parents/guardians of school children.

  • One member from local elected authority.This decision will be taken by the local authority itself.
  • One member from among the school teachers.This decision will be taken by the teachers itself.
  • One of the rest members should be from the local Education Experts or from the School Students.This decision will be taken by the students themselves.
  • School head or where there is no school head,the senior most school teacher will work as the school head member/convener of the SMC.But he has no right to cast vote as member.
  • Top

    Various Activities under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan: District Ludhiana

    All the government primary and upper primary schools are eligible for various types of grants under this scheme.


    The grants are given to schools for construction purpose. Following are the achievements under this component till date:

    List Of Activities Completed Unit Till Date
    Block resource centres 12
    Cluster Resource Centres 95
    New School Buildings (PRIMARY AND UPPER PRIMARY) 22
    Building for building less schools/branch schools 19
    Additional Classrooms 1665
    Sanitation Blocks 1531
    Headmaster rooms 128
    Boundary Wall 16398.5 r.mtrs
    Major Repairs 168
    Furniture for children in upper primary schools 37608 children
    Additional Classroom in lie of New Upper Primary(Rural) with Toilets and Drinking water Facility ( 2 schools with 3 rooms each) 6
    Toilets / Urinal 32
    Separate Girls Toilets 142
    CWSN Toilets 956
    Drinking Water 8
    Augumentation of training facility in BRC 12
    Kitchen Shed 5
    Ramps with Handrail 125
    Handrail 29
    • Free Text Books

    Free Text books are provided to the students belonging to the general category who are enrolled in class 1-8 in the Govt schools and Govt. aided schools. The Department of Social Welfare Punjab is already providing free Text Books to all SC Students in the State. Workbooks are given to all the students by SSA.


    The main objective of SSA Project is ensure the universalization of elementary education to the 6-14 age group. Due to the serious efforts made by teachers and committee members, there is considerable achievement regarding the enrolment. The following data is as per Surveys.Earlier, we used to cover these children under AIEs,STcs.etc. But at present, identified OOSC are admitted in schools and are provided education according to their age and learning level. Apart from these we covered more children which we locate from time to time.The number of out of school children has reduced conisderably during the last five years.

    OOSC 6-14 Age Group
    2007-2008 9592
    2008-2009 5817
    2009-2010 4940
    2010-2011 2017
    2011-2012 3349
    2012-2013 3886
    2013-2014 2888
    2014-2015 2018
    • Residential Hostel
    • A hostel with Capacity of 100 boys is running in Ludhiana. The building is constructed in Sector 32, MIG Flats, Ludhiana, where 74 boys have been admitted. All facilities are provided to children free of cost.

    • Community Training
    • Members from School Management committees Community were provided training regarding/awareness regarding facilities under SSA and Importance of Education,RTE and so many other issue.

    • Inclusive Education For Disabled
    • There are many children in the district who are physically and mentally challenged who needs very special attention. Every year assessment camps are organized in various blocks , where team of doctors assess the disability among the children and recommend the aid required to the child. The aids and artificial limbs like Crutches, wheel chairs , tricycles, hearing aids are provided to children free of cost. Children were assessed by the doctors and following aids and appliances were recommended to many of these children according to their need.

    Type of Aid/Treatment recommended NO. of Beneficiaries (2007-2012) NO. of Beneficiaries (2013-till)
    Tricycle/Wheel Chiar/hearing aid/calipers 776 1082
    IQ testing and special schools 334 620
    Spectacles 225 24
    Surgery 122 114
    Speech Therapy 75 0
    Physiotherapy 52 750
  • Home based education project is also going for counselling and teaching of severly disabled children,at their homes by IETRS(inclusive education resources teachers).
  • Following is the data of CWSN which were given identified under SSA till date
  • Years No. of CWSN identified
    2007-2008 3658
    2008-2009 3658
    2009-2010 6491
    2010-2011 2051
    2011-2012 11216
    2012-2013 11951
    2013-2014 9040
    2014-2015 9001
    2015-2016 8412
  • Surgery, Treatment of Cancer –
  • There is a provision of free surgical treatment of children suffering from hole in heart, Cerebral Palsy etc.

    • Sports for Children With Special Needs:

    In the year 2015-16, Special Olympics were organised for these children. In the district level sports , 116 CWSN (HI, VI, OI and MR) participated. 50 sports events were arranged. 32 Children won Gold medals, 57 won silver and 29 won bronze medals.

    Sports for Children With Special Needs

  • Special Achievement
  • One special Child, Rajveer Singh, studying in Resource room of Delhon block under SSA is suffering from mental retardation. He belongs to a poor family but he is hard working and dedicated. He won 2 Gold medals in World Summer Olympic games as Los Angeles, USA in cycling.

    As Rajveer belongs to a poor family, so his father was unable to fulfill his requirements regarding sports. Then Sarve Sikhiya Abhiyan, Ludiana support him. A daily diet was provided him when he was not on coaching schedule. SSA paid his passport instantaneously fee and and travel expenses for this. His coach asked him for a racer cycle which was too costly to buy for this family. Then district IED coordinator contacted a city business man Mr. Rahul Kalra and he donate a racer cycle to Rajveer. And practice on this cycle became his winning journey. Now Rajeev is a well known personality. CM Punjab S. Parkash Singh Badal, Hon. Speaker Vidhan Sabha Punjab S. Charanjit Singh Atwal and Education Minister S. Daljit Singh Cheema honoured Rajeev Singh separately and CM Punjab S. Parkash Singh Badal announced Rs. one lakh for his family on dated 24-08-2015. Agriculture Minister S. Tota Singh honoured Rajeev Singh on 15-08-2015 (Independence Day) in Ludhiana.

  • Teacher training
  • In order to improve the teaching quality and levels of teaching of the government school teachers, SSA is providing training to the entire teaching staff.

  • Innovative Activites
  • A. Education For SC/ST Students Following activities will be carred in 2015-16

  • Physical fitness activities at school level
  • Mass campaigning
  • Motivational Camps will be organised
  • B. Girl Education: Following activities will be carried in 2015-2016
  • Celebration of International Girl Child Day.
  • Marshall Art
  • Sensitization on Girls Empowerment in schools during Assembly
  • Uniforms
  • All Girls, SC Boys and BPL boys studying in 1-8 classes in Govt. schools are given uniform every year. Annual grant of Rs. 400/- per child is sanctioned for this.

  • Recognition to Private Schools
  • As per the provisions of RTE, all private schools are required to get recognition from Education department. Till date more than 1200 schools in district Ludhiana have been given temporary recognition, as per norms.

  • MIS
  • Under this head, every year school data is collected through U-DISE booklets fro all schools in the district. On the basis of this collected data, annual work plan and budget of SSA is prepared. Some other Projects are also working under this like E-Punjab, where data of schools is updated from time to time.

  • New Schools and Teachers
  • Under SSA, 9 primary schools have been opened till date and 15 schools have been upgraded to middle schools. The building of all schools is complete and classes have also been started. SSAA has appointed 90 primary teachers and 550 upper primary teachers on contract basis. Some of these teachers are working in SSA schools and some are working in government schools under department.

    Apart from this, more than 450 education providers and about 650 volunteers are working under this scheme in government schools.