Department of Civil Surgeon,Ludhiana

Information about Office

  1. Designation of Head of Office : Civil Surgeon
  2. Name of Office : Office of civil Surgeon,Ludhiana.
  3. Situation of Office : Near Old courts,Opposite S.S.P Residence,Civil Lines,Ludhiana.
  4. Telephone and Fax No. : 2444193,Fax: 2402544
  5. Designation of Officers according to their Posting
Assistant Civil Surgeon
Distt.Family Welfare Officer
Distt.Immunisation Officer
Distt.Health Officer
Assistant Accounts and Finance Office
Distt. Mass Education and Information Officer
Distt. T.B. Officer
Distt.Leprosy Officer
Distt.Dental Health Officer
Distt.Eye Mobile Officer

Job Function and Responsibilities of Officer

  • Medical Reimbursment bills ,General Medical Examination and handicapped Certification.
  • All kinds of work regarding family Welfare and Primary Health Care
  • Immunization against Six killing diseases specially to eradicate policy I.P.P.I.
  • Responsibilty of Health Care regarding adulteration.
  • Responsibilty to control the epidemic disease as Malaria Control Programme,Dengu,Gestroentitis and water Borne Disease.
  • Responsibilty of Finance and account.
  • Responsibilty to create knowledge among the Community of different Govt. schemes and to highlight the national programmes.
  • To eradicate the Leprosy.
  • To give th eDental Health Care to the people.
  • Responsibility to control eye Blindness in the Distt.

Different Schemes to provide facilities

Different Schemes  To provide facilities to the employees and Medical certificates to the handicapped person to get facilities.

  • National Family welfare Programme.
  • National Immunization Programme.
  • National Malaria Eradication Programme.
  • National Control of Blindness.
  • National school Health Programme.
  • National T.B. Programme.
  • National Leprosy Control Programme
  • National Anemia Control Programme.
  • Janani Surksha Yojna.
  • National AIDS Control Programme + JSY + Mata Kaushalya Yojna.
  • Female Foeticide PNDT 1994 act
  • Balri Surksha Yojna.
  • JSSK.
  • Mukh Mantri Cancer Control awareness programme.

Phone no of Office of Civil Surgeon,Ludhiana

DesignationPhone No.
Civil surgeon,Ludhiana0161-2444193
Asst.Civil Surgeon,Ludhiana0161-2444193
Distt. Health Officer,Ludhiana.0161-2444193
Distt.Immunization Officer,Ludhiana0161-2444193
Distt.Finance and Accounts Officer,Ludhiana0161-2444193
Distt. Mass Education And Information Officer,Ludhiana.0161-2444193
Distt. T.B. Officer,Ludhiana0161-2685503
Distt. Leprosy Officer,Ludhiana0161-2685577
Distt.Dental Officer,Ludhiana0161-2685503
Distt.Dental Health Officer,Ludhiana0161-2685503
Distt.Eye Mobile Officer,Ludhiana0161-2685503
Senior Medical Officer,(CH)Ludhiana.0161-2685503
Senior Medical Officer,Khanna.01628-221724
Senior Medical Officer,(CH)samrala01628-262474
Senior Medical Officer,(CH)Jagraon01624-257749
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Macchiwara01624-250045
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Manupur01628-286916
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Maloud0161-2857334
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Sahnewal0161-2847131
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Sidhwan Bet01624-240233
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Sudhar01624-275361
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Payal01628-276956
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Pakhowal0161-2866452
Senior Medical Officer,(PHC)Hathur01624-252224
Senior Medical Officer(PHC),Koomkalan0161-283210
Senior Medical Officer(SDH),KRaikot
Senior Medical Officer(PHC),Dehlon98141-96094